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New office in United Arab Emirates

Looking to work in the European Union?

Navon Jobs is a foreign international workforce recruitment company headquartered in Romania, European Union, with branches in Dubai and Bangladesh.

We address citizens of Asian origin such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Nepal or any other nationalities interested in working on the territory of Romania.


Recently, we have expanded, and we are now operating also in Dubai.

Thus, through Navon Jobs Europe, we can offer a complete service of recruiting and placing candidates from various nations living and working in Dubai to Romania and other European countries.

See what living in Romania looks like

We have partners in 9 countries

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Steps in recruitment procedure

Because we care for your comfort, we will take care of everything.

For more information on the recruiting procedure, see the dynamic representation on Navon Jobs.

➛Call us

➛Come to the office for an interview

➛We find you a job according to your wishes (experience not necessary)

➛Starting the visa procedure

➛Getting the visa

➛You fly to Romania

➛You start working

We care about your living conditions

Here are some pictures of accommodation facilities for our Asian workers in Romania.

Foreign personnel recruitment areas.

We recruit manpower in some of the following fields

Food industry








How to spend your free time in Romania

one day trip Romania

Go on a day trip to the most significant attractions around your city

If you are located in Bucharest, you can make a one-day trip to one of the most famous cities in Romania.

Take a walk
in the city you live in

Nothing is more beautiful than discovering the city where you are going to will live for some years. 

historical building in Romania

Visit the tourist attractions of your city

Museums, monuments, historical buildings, or memorial houses.

You can visit them all to expand your knowledge of Romania country.

Take a look at events you can participate in for free

Even if there is an art gallery or a street show performance in your city, we encourage you to participate as a spectator or, why not, as an artist.

free events Romania

Relax in the nature

After finishing your working hours, you can relax in the park or take a walk in nature. 

You deserve this!

Plan a meeting with your friends

A friend in need is a friend indeed, but what about fun?

Spend your free time with your friends. Maybe you can expand your acquaintances’ list.

asian friends in Romania

Navon Jobs in Romanian media

Emilia Mart

Emilia is the CEO and Founder of Navon Jobs – one of Romania’s most efficient and trustworthy foreign recruitment personnel agencies. Her passion and dedication to recruitment made her and her team visible on Romanian media channels.

Here are some words about the Asian labour force.

Romania in desperate need for Asian workers

"It’s good news for us, as a recruiting firm, but it’s even better news for the ones in desperate need for workers: the business owners. We receive lots of requests from many industries, but the critical situation in hospitality and construction is the one to be fixed as soon as possible. We, recruiters, have to limit to a certain contingent per year. Most of the times it was not enough. Even this year, when the number of permits was doubled, the request from the entrepreneurs was not covered completely."

Emilia Mart - Founder & CEO at Navon Jobs

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